Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brunch at Williamsburg, Brooklyn

On the weekend, my husband and I went to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to have brunch with our friends. Williamsburg is a very popular area in Brooklyn and many young people live and visit this area. There are lots of cute restaurants and cafes and if you walk to the water, you can see a nice view of Manhattan. I always wanted to visit but never actually did so this was my first time visiting Williamsburg.

I had this egg, potato and toast combo for brunch. The scrambled egg was with homemade sausages and it was really good. Normally, I am not a big breakfast person but this one was really good and I liked it. Though the portion was little too big for me so I couldn't eat them all.... 

When we went to the restaurant, it was pretty crowded but there was no line so we were able to have a seat right away. Plus, we got a really nice table by the open window. The weather was perfect that day. Nice and warm so we had a perfect brunch! When we left the restaurant, there was a long line of poeple waiting for tables. I guess we were super lucky! 

After eating big brunch, we walked around Williamsburg. It was such a nice day and everybody was out enjoying the nice weekend. This is a picture I took from a park by the river, over looking Manhattan. If you look left when you are there, you can also see Williamsburg bridge. 

During the walk, we stop by at this cute coffee shop which is our friend's favorite coffee shop. They made an art with the form. So cute! 

As I have expected, Williamsburg was a wonderful place to walk around and have meals or coffee. I really liked it. I would love to come again. Next time, maybe for dinner because the night view of Manhattan must be spectacular also. 

There were lots of new apartment buildings right by the water over looking Manhattan. It must be really nice apartment but I think the rent or price tag will be really high also :-) 

Anyhow, we had such a wonderful weekend! 

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