Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Very Japanese Meal

The other day, when my husband didn't need a dinner, I made this super traditional Japanese meal for myself. I didn't think anything about those dishes when I was in Japan but now these dishes are somewhat luxurious to me since I don't get to eat these everyday.

It was just broiled fish, ginger eggplant, fermented beans and rice. It is healthy yet very satisfying for me.

The eggplant is one of my favorite vegetable, I just cut them and sauteed in vegetable/sesame oil and sprinkled with grated ginger and chopped chives with some soy sauce. I love ginger so I add lots of grated ginger. Love it!!!

The fish is the one which I bought from Japanese supermarket and froze it. I used to eat this kind of fish for breakfast.... (Yes, we eat fish for breakfast. I know it is kind of uneasy thoughts for those who are not used to it :-)

When I eat these food, I realize that I am a Japanese and it will never go away from me. I am happy that I am in living in a place where I can enjoy those Japanese food quite easily.

I had some leftover eggplant so I made my husband try it and he liked it! Now I know that I can make this eggplant dish even for my husband. (He wouldn't like these fish and fermented beans though :-)

By the way, on the weekend, we went to see a musical called "Wicked". I have seen this once before but I really liked it so I took my husband with me this time. It is really good musical and I think both adults and kids can enjoy this. It is amazing how good those performers are and have energetic they can be for about three hours. It must be very exhausting. If you have a chance, I highly recommend "Wicked".

After the show, we went to have Yakitori which is Japanese grilled chicken skewers. This place is called "Yakitori Totto". We shared many different kinds of yakitori and also had some rice balls. They were really good!

Also, we had a breakfast at the beach. This was really nice. We just bought a bagel from a bagel store and brought it to the beach and had a nice breakfast picnic. We loved it!

We had a great weekend and we felt so lucky to have everything we have including each other!

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