Friday, September 10, 2010

US OPEN & Delicious Dumpling

On Sunday, we spent all day at beach playing beach volleyball (not me... I am horrible with any kind of sports. My husband and our friends were playing). After the beach day, we went to a shopping mall but we didn't know mall close early on Sunday. When we arrived, almost everything was already closed...

Well, on Monday we went to U.S. Open. This year, we didn't have ticket but we heard that we will be able to get some outer court ticket at the box office so we went there. Unfortunately, it was sold out. So we walked around the flushing meadow park and have a nice picnic.

Some people might remember this from the movie "Man In Black". The park was full of families and everybody was having a great day. It was a perfect day to walk around the park. Perfect temperature, Perfect weather.

After the park, we were hungry so we went to Flushing which is an area where there are so many Chinese and Korean stores. There were one dumpling restaurant which I wanted to go so we went there. I heard that this place is popular and normally you have to wait for a while to get seats but when we got there, it was already around 3:00pm so we didn't have to wait. However the restaurant was almost full at this time. This place is called "Nan Shian Dumpling House". They are famous for their handmade dumplings.

We ordered crab dumpling and seafood crispy noodle.

Both of them were really really good! We were so happy that we came here. The dumplings were excellent. You have to be careful eating this kind of dumpling because there are some soup inside and it is extremely hot! But this soup is very tasty and yummy!!

We have to go there again! I love these dumplings. Plus, it is very affordable.

After late lunch, we head to Manhattan and had fun. I will write about that tomorrow!

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