Friday, September 17, 2010

Things I ate this past few days

This past few days, I ate some things which I bought from Trader Joe's.

One of the things which I always buy when I go to Trader Joe's is Edamame. It is soy bean and very popular item in Japan. I grew up eating this so it is very familiar to me but it seems like Edamame is getting quite popular here in the U.S. also.

I love the fact that it is getting popular here and I can find this in many of the regular supermarket now a days. My husband loves it also and it is very healthy snack/appetizer. And most of the people I know love this. I buy a few bags at a time and keep in the freezer so we can have healthy snack any time.

I also gave it a try for Trader Joe's Pizza. I am not crazy about pizza but I like BBQ flavor pizza. It has some chicken and red onions on top and tasted really good. It was smaller than I thought but I think it might be perfect size for two if you have a side dish like Edamame.

Also, some other night, I made Kakiage Soba. Kakiage is vegetable tempura made with yellow onions and carrots. Soba is buckwheat noodle. This is also a popular dish in Japan. This Kakiage is frozen kakiage which I found at Trader Joe's. They call this "Vegtable Bird's Nest". This is great because I often want just one of these to add on top of my soba noodle and I don't want to fry tempura just to make one thing. This time, I added some green onion and spinach in the soup.

Speaking of Tempura, I want to eat Shrimp Tempura. I love big shrimp tempura. Maybe I should make it sometime soon.

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  1. Good post! Love Trader Joe's! I bought edamame there, have it in the freezer and no clue as to how to prepare it, use it with, etc. The last dish really looks good. I'm learning all kinds of new things from you! Thanks!