Friday, September 24, 2010

Shrimp Sandwich with the bread from EATALY

I made shrimp sandwich using the rustic bread which I bought from Eataly in NY on the weekend. This sandwich is something my friend made for us when he and his wife and kid visited us from South Africa. We live far away right now but I hope we will be living close to each other someday.
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He is a great cook and he also make something special for us when we see each other. He does not use recipe and always come up with great dish. I wish I could cook like him. I really loved this sandwich he made for us so I decided to make it just like he did.

I used frozen shrimp, lots of arugula and cilantro. I forgot to get avocado but the sandwich was already too big to eat so maybe it was good that I forgot avocado. I also used sautéed onion, just like he did.

The bread was too big so when I tried to eat this sandwich, it was impossible to eat so I separate the bread and ended up making two open-face sandwiches. It was really good!

This is easy sandwich but very special and satisfying sandwich. Whenever I get good bread, I crave for this sandwich.

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