Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Popular in Japan right now! Fried Garlic Spicy Oil.

I read lots of Japanese blogs everyday and I realized this fried garlic oil product is really popular in Japan right now. I read that it has been sold out in many places. And now many different companies are making similar products. In July, my sister came to visit me so I asked her to get me one of those. This is it.

These spicy oil is normally called "Ra-yu" in Japan. And these new product has some fried garlic chips and some other stuff in it and it is not as spicy as the original ra-yu. So you can use this for many different dishes. Many people used this for ramen noodle, pasta, fried rice or just add in on top of rice, tofu etc. The possibility is unlimited.

I used it in a most common way by adding it to ramen noodle. I sauteed bean sprout, corn and bacon with this spicy oil and added this on top of miso ramen.

When I was sauteing it it looks really red and spicy and my husband was looking right next to me. He was bit worried if this will be too spicy. So I tried the oil itself just a little bit and found out that it is not spicy at all. I assured my husband that it will be fine and add little more.

It came out really good. Both of us liked it a lot. I thinks this will be a great spices to use for many different dishes. I would love to make fried rice with this oil.

Japanese love ramen noodle and there are so many ramen noodle shops in Japan. Luckily, there are some good Japanese ramen noodle shops in NY so if I really want to have good ramen, I can have them in the city. I think Ramen noodle is a comfort food for Japanese people.


  1. I love garlic oil too. I remember my grandma used to heat up oil with some garlic in it.
    Your Ramen looks very delicious too.

  2. Looks like very flavourful and spicy garlic oil.beautiful bowl of delicious soup..

  3. i love garlic flavor..n it is a very interesting product...


  4. mmm that sounds good! im going to see if they have that in my local asian shop!

  5. Ummm! This sounds so good, love garlic so this has to be great. I will be looking around for it!

  6. Fried Garlic Spicy Oil sounds yumm!!!! Will check out in the local grocery shop here :-)

  7. Thanks everybody for great comments for spicy (not really spicy) fried garlic oil. Since it is a pretty new products it might be difficult to find at your local Japanese store but keep an eye on it!