Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Healthy and Easy Vegetable Soup!

I made an easy vegetable soup with the vegetables and hot dog I have in my fridge. This soup is so easy. I just added vegetables and hot dog with a little bit of salt and water. I don't even have to add any other flavor since all the great flavor from vegetables are there.

First, saute hot dog and onions.
Add carrots and saute more.

Add other vegetables such as cabbage, green onion, broccoli and saute until they are soft. Add some salt.

Add canned diced tomato (250ml)

Mix them well and add 800ml of water and turn the heat down. Simmer until all the vegetables are soft. That's it. And you will have a wonderful vegetable soup.

It is amazing what vegetable can do. I love this soup. It is a bit too hot yet to make soup but when it is get cooler, I will be making more of this soup. It is a perfect main course or side dish. Enjoy!


  1. veggie soup looks super delicious n healthy too...


  2. Love your step by step pics of this simple yet delicious soup