Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Easy Chicken Curry & my favorite Clam Linguine & The men who stare at goats

Today, I would like to post some of the stuff which I made for the last few weeks but didn't get to upload on this blog.

First, this is easy lazy chicken curry using patak's curry paste.

All you need to do is mix this curry paste with chicken, onion and tomatoes then you will have a pretty good tasting chicken curry.

This is my secret weapon for those days when I don't have time or don't feel like cooking too much. I think it taste even better if you add some cilantro.

Next is clam linguini. This is one of my favorite dish. I learned this dish from one of my roommate back in California. (Check out the past post for more details about this clam linguini. Click here)

It has some cream so it is little bit creamy but also have lots of lemon juice so not too heavy. I also add lots of garlic, green onion, parsley and basil. It is soooo good!!

My husband doesn't like clam too much but when he tried it he said he liked it. Maybe I can make this more often from now on :-)

By the way, I watched a movie called "The men who stare at goats". It is a bit strange movie but I liked it from the beginning since one of my favorite actor Ewan Mcgregor was in it. Also, there are many other good actors in this movie.

George Clooney is also in this movie. I never really liked him and I didn't quite understand why he was so popular but after I watched this movie, I became a fan. He is a good actor and even though he is not my type, he is a good looking man for his age.

I normally see him in a serious role but I think he is great at comedic role.

This movie is a little bit strange movie but there are many parts which we laughed a lot and I personally liked this movie. If you like George Clooney, I think you should watch this movie sometimes :-)


  1. Great to know that you enjoyed the movie. Would try to watch it here in India soon. Chicken curry looks delicious as well.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  2. Fingerlicking curry...woww makes me drool..

  3. This blog are Awesome.. I love foods.. they are so tasty and delicious…!

    1. Hi Chowringhee Lane, Thank you so much for your comment! Please come visit my blog again!!