Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Big Flan

The other day, I made Flan for the first time. My mom used to make these when I was little but I never tried it myself since it seemed difficult. I was reading a Flan recipe from a magazine and it didn't sound too difficult so I decided to make it.

Mixing ingredients were not difficult but the difficult part for me was the baking part. In the recipe, it says bake for about an hour in 300F oven and I did. But it was no way near setting. It was still just liquid. Maybe our oven is not as strong as the regular oven out there. So I had bring up the heat to 350F and bake it for about another one hour. Finally, I got want I wanted.

After cooling down and resting in the fridge for 2 hours, I flipped it over and here it is, beautiful big Flan. It tasted really good. I think this might be a good dessert when we have some people over because this is too big for just two people :-)

You can also make those in a small individual container which my mom used to do but I think it is fun to have this one big flan also!

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  1. Very delicious and droolworthy flan..feel like having some..