Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Week With My Sister (Part 2)

The other restaurant I went during the restaurant week with my sister was "River Cafe" in Brooklyn.
It is at the bottom of brooklyn bridge and has fantastic view of down town. This restaurant is pretty famous especially the view from the restaurant. I wanted to go there for a while but this was my first time trying this restaurant.

This is how the restaurant looks from outside. There are lots of flowers also inside and it is beautiful.

Since we went there during the restaurant week, it was pretty packed even on a weekday lunch.

We decided to have a restaurant week three course menu ($24.07). First, we had Lobster Miso Consommé soup with shrimp dumpling. This was very light but really good.

For main course, I had duck. It was crispy outside and juicy inside. I normally don't eat ducks too often but it was quite tasty and I liked it.

My sister had grilled swordfish. It was smoky and very light. Maybe it was too light for my taste but my sister liked it. I wished it had more tangy flavor in the sauce.

For dessert, we had strawberry ice cream, creme brulee and warm blueberry almond tart.  All of them were really good but I think my favorite was ice cream and tart.

This restaurant is famous for their view so I think many people come here at night. I would like to take my husband to this restaurant sometimes and next time, I would like to try going there a night.

By the way, there is a famous pizza place near this restaurant and there is always a line in front of this pizza place. I don't care much for pizza but I would like to try this pizza sometimes also. If people are lining up to have this pizza, this must be really good. Maybe this will change my perception of pizza.

After the lunch, we spent some time in a park like place next to the restaurant. It was such a nice day and we enjoyed nice view of Manhattan.

I wanted to use water taxi to go back to Manhattan side but it seemed like they were not operation during the time we were there. Oh well.

I am very glad that my sister enjoy this restaurant and the view from it.

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