Monday, August 30, 2010

Vegetable and Pork bowl

This bowl is pretty popular in Japan and we call it "Chuuka Don" which mean Chinese bowl. You can find this dish in Chinese restaurants in Japan. I am not sure if this dish is really originated from China or not but that is how we call it.

I was looking at this famous Japanese cooking blog and this lady was making this bowl and I really wanted to make it. This was my first time making it and my mom never made this for us at home so I was not sure if I can make it right but it came out really great!

We use lots of vegetables in this dish. This time, I used cabbage, carrots, onion, bean sprout, shiitake mushroom and kikurage mushroom.

This also require some pork to make it more flavorful. You don't need to use too much.
All the vegetables in.

Then, add water and other ingredients such as soy sauce, sake, oyster sauce and so on.

I was so surprised how good it was. Plus, you can eat lots of vegetables this way. I poured over the rice but you can also pour this over some noodle. My husband loved it also!
In Japan, we use quail egg for this dish but I don't find quail egg in the supermarket near us so I just used regular egg :-)

I never made this before so I just assumed that it will be difficult but it was so easy and tasted great! Now I know that I can make this at home! Great!

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  1. Hi Mausi

    Loved the Vegetable & Pork Bowl looks awesome and yummy. Very Colorful Clicks.

    Hamaree Rasoi