Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tapas dinner

My husband and I went to Trader Joe's over the weekend and bought lots of our favorite stuff so we decided to have tapas dinner with many small plates. We had hummus, pita bread, spinach dip, tortilla chips, salad, leftover pasta and so on.

One of my husband's favorite from Trader Joe's is this spicy cilantro hummus dip. We always buy this and small pita bread. I normally don't like beans/peas but I love hummus. Plus, I love cilantro so this hummus is one of my favorite also.

The one I really liked was this spinach dip. We tried this for the first time but I loved it so much. My husband said that there are too much spinach in it but I think that's the best part!

For dessert, we had clementines. We also bought these from Trader Joe's and it was one of the best clementines I eve had! It was juicy and sweet. I loved it. I have to be careful not to eat too many of these because I can just eat 3~4 clementines at once! (My husband made this beautiful decoration with clementines :-)

By the way, I heard that it has been really really hot in Japan lately. Since summer in Japan is very very humid, my sister told me that it feels like you are in sauna all the time. I hope it will get cooler soon.

NY had been warm but not too hot lately. Highs are normally around 82~89F (28~30C) but not too humid so it is not too bad.

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  1. This looks like an amazing spread! I love clementines too :-)