Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rice Porridge with Egg

In Japan, rice porridge is popular and easy dish especially when you don't have much appetite or when you are tired of oily food. Since I am Japanese, sometimes I crave for rice porridge. This Egg Rice Porridge is super easy to make and easy to your stomach also.
It is super easy to make. I just boil hot water in a pan and add bonito seasoning. Then, add cooked rice. When it is boiled again, I add egg and stir it well. On top, I sometimes add sesame seeds and chopped chives. That's it! You can add some salt if you would like.

Also, there are many toppings which you can add. I like adding seaweed or salmon flakes and so on. But one of my favorite is pickled plum. I take the seeds out of pickled plums and crush them into small pieces  then add into the pan before I add egg. This makes the porridge bit tangy and delicious!

Below picture is the one with seaweed topping.

Well, it might be a bit too hot to eat rice porridge right now but I would love you guys try it sometimes when it gets cooler. My husband likes it also (minus the seaweed..)

You can also add many different kinds of vegetables into rice porridge such as mushrooms or spinach. There are unlimited variation you can come up with so be creative and make your own special rice porridge!

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