Thursday, August 5, 2010

Refreshing Sushi Rolls

It is getting hot again here in NY and I want to eat something cool and refreshing. I decided to make some sushi rolls.

Since it is not too easy to get sushi grade fresh fish around here, I made those rolls with some easy to acquire ingredients.

I made California Rolls (Avocado & Imitation Crab), Shrimp Salad Rolls (Shrimp salad with some lettuce) and plum cucumber rolls (Plum paste and cucumber). Maybe plum paste is not easy to get at your local supermarket but you can get other ingredients at your local supermarket, I believe.

Our favorite was shrimp salad rolls. I just used cooked frozen shrimp. I chopped them up and mixed with chopped celery, sesame oil and mayonnaise then rolled it with some lettuce leaves in it. You can also add some cucumber or avocado to it if there are some room inside your rolls. But remember, more things inside the rolls, more difficult it gets to roll.

In the beginning, I was making inside out sushi which is rice outside and seaweed inside but I realized that it is much easier to roll with the seaweed outside. So I made seaweed outside rolls for the last few rolls.

These are very affordable dinner with easy to get ingredients. You can be more creative with your sushi if you would like. Since I am not so good at making sushi rolls, it took me about two hours to roll all the sushi. I was so tired after making them. I had to go to bed early :-)

I would like to practice more and be better at making sushi rolls. Those ones in the photos are ones which looked pretty good. Others are kind of falling apart and I couldn't take photos of them :-(

How about making some creative sushi rolls this summer with your family? I am sure that you will find the process very fun!

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  1. These look great! I could eat sushi every day for the rest of my life! In the last several months, I ventured into the wonderful world of making your own sushi and it is SO fun and so much cheaper!