Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Refreshing Caprese Dinner

It is still quite hot in NY so I still feel like eating something refreshing and cold. I made caprese which is one my my husband's favorite dish.

This is so easy to make and always so tasty and satisfying.

I just cut grape tomatoes into two and also cut mini mozzarella balls as same size as the tomatoes. Then Julienne basil leaves and mix them together with some white balsamic vinegar, regular balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. That's it.

We like eating this with some kind of bread (preferably baguette) and soak the bread with the vinaigrette on the plate. My husband love bread so he was eating lots of bread with this dish.

He was so happy that I made this. I used to make this dish quite often when I was by myself but I kind of forgot about it recently, I will be making this more often from now on. Just to see my husband's happy face :-) This is a perfect dish for summer!
I like using white balsamic vinegar for this dish since it doesn't make the cheese dark. I think you can also mix this with cold pasta!

OK, this is something totally unrelated to cooking but lately in my household we are obsessed with "Prison Break". I am sure that many people know about this show since it had been showing on TV for a while now. I know about this show but I never get to watch it before and the other day I suggested to watch the first episode on DVD just to see how it is. (Well, the main reason I wanted to watch this show was the main actor in it. He is so good looking and I just wanted to watch him :-)

But my husband told me that he was also interested in this show so we decided to watch it. Then, we kind of got hooked.

Needless to say that the main actor (Wentworth Miller) was good looking but the story was pretty interesting and exciting!  And many of the actors in the show are really good. One of them is my husband's favorite Swedish actor (Peter Stormare)

In every episode, they are put in tough corners and I feel frustrated and excited at the same time. We haven't even fished watching season 1 but I am so excited to watch rest of the show.

I was checking the main actor's background on Wikipedia and found out that he graduated from Princeton University. He is good looking and seems like he is also smart. Well, I guess it doesn't matter which university he went in order to be a good actor but I think he is a good actor (at least perfect fit for this role). I am looking forward to seeing him in other roles in the future :-)


  1. caprese looks really refreshing n quick to prepare too looks colorful n inviting ...bookmarked ..i will surely try ur caprese ...thanks for sharing dear


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  3. There's really nothing better than a good Caprese salad!

  4. I just love Caprese! So refreshing and yumm!