Friday, August 27, 2010

Lobster Ravioli & Tomato Salad

I bought Lobster Ravioli at Trader Joe's. I don't think I ever had Lobster ravioli so I was curious how it taste. I just have to cook the ravioli and add some sauce to it and I used store-bought vodka sauce so this was easy dinner. I add some basil to make it a bit pretty.

This is the Lobster ravioli which I bought.

The taste was well, OK. It has a pretty strong lobster taste and I guess my husband and I are not too keen on Lobster taste. Well, it is lobster ravioli so it supposed to taste Lobster. It is our fault that we didn't know we don't like lobster too much. If you like lobster, I am sure you like this ravioli.

Vodka sauce was great. I love vodka sauce. I think it goes well with lobster ravioli.

Since we found out that we don't like the lobster taste too much, I will buy other kind of ravioli next time. I saw many different kind of raviolis at Trader Joe's so I would like to try other kind next time.

My husband made tomato salad on the side. He makes this tomato salad sometimes and I like it a lot. The dressing is just balsamic vinegar, heavy cream, salt and pepper. It is refreshing but quite mild taste from the heavy cream.

I don't eat ravioli too often but I would like to try more ravioli from now on. In a restaurant, I never order ravioli because normally they only have about 5 raviolis on a plate and it is never enough for me. (Am I being cheap?)

Anyway, ravioli looks cute. I want to try making ravioli at home sometimes. This will be a big challenge!


  1. Omg, feel like having some ravioli rite now...yummy salad..

  2. MMMM looks so good, I love lobster raviolis!