Friday, August 6, 2010

Gomoku Chirashi Sushi (Yes, it is sushi again!)

I woke up from a dream about Harry Potter being my uncle. I wasn't even thinking about Harry Potter so I wonder why I dreamed about Harry Potter. Anyway, dreams are strange sometimes.

And for dinner, yes, it is sushi again! It is just too hot to cook and I used this gomoku chirashi sushi mix and topped with some stuff.

This sushi is called gomoku chirashi sushi and you just mix rice with sushi vinegar and some cooked vegetables such as routs roots and carrots and stuff. Then top with some fish, egg, vegetables and so on.

Since I had this prepared mix for sushi rice, I just made rice in my rice cooker and add this package. This is a very famous brand in Japan and if you go to a Japanese grocery store, I am pretty sure that you can find them.

Since I didn't have any fish for the topping, I just used avocado, imitation crab, pickled cucumber and dried seaweed (this dried seaweed came with the package)

One funny mistake I made about imitation crab the other day. I was asking my husband to get imitation crab at the supermarket and instead of imitation crab, I said "Will you get some intimidation crab?" My husband was laughing and saying "What kind of crab is that? I am not sure if I want to eat that." I realized my mistake and start laughing. It is great that we can laugh so much from these silly little things :-)

Anyway, for the pickled cucumber, I just sliced cucumber very thinly and add some salt and left it for a while. Then squeeze all the water out of cucumber, then add some rice vinegar and sugar. It is sweet and sour and taste so good!!

I was very pleased how pretty it came out. I think I should be more creative with the topping next time. How about some tomato or edamame? It was easy and very tasty cool dinner :-)

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  1. 1st time to your fabulous space... lovely . and sushi looks drooling... do visit my site sometime..following you..