Friday, August 13, 2010

Cucumber Sandwich & Egg Sandwich

Lately, I love eating cucumber sandwich. This is so simple and light. I love it. I can not call this cooking but when it really hot outside, this kind of sandwich taste super with the cool cucumber.

For cucumber sandwich, I just slice cucumbers. Spread some mayonnaise on toast, add sliced swiss cheese and cucumber. That's it. It can not get easier, isn't it?

When I was little, there was a period of time which I was obsessed with cucumber. I would just wash the cucumber and dip in mayonnaise and eat. (Japanese cucumbers are very small so you can just bite them like pickles even tough I don't call it a good manner...) I think it is a great snack for kids :-) if they like cucumber.

I felt bad for my husband making only cucumber sandwich so I also made egg salad sandwich. Egg salad sandwich is something my mom used to make sometimes when I was little.

I just boiled eggs and mash them. Add mayonnaise, relish and salt/pepper. This is also super easy but relish make it super good.
Even tough this is such an easy meal, since my husband loves sandwich, he was so happy!

With the sandwiches, we also had some salad. We have been eating lots of salad lately. This time, I used one of my favorite salad dressing. Paul Newman's (Newman's Own) Caesar salad dressing.

I liked Paul Newman. I think he is so good looking. I think he was the best looking old guy. Anyway, he has lots of food products under Newman's Own brand. I like his products. Lots of them are natural and organic.

And all the profit goes to charities. This Caesar salad dressing is one of my favorite. There is oil type and creamy type. I like both of them but this time I used oil type.

He also have popcorn, cookies, pasta sauce, lemonade, etc. You can find them in a regular supermarket so if you have a chance, try some of his products. It is pretty good. All of his products have his illustrated face on the package.


  1. wow both the sandwiches looks gr8 ...cucumber sandwich is my favorite too ...i used to add some onion n a slice of tomato with that ...i will try ur egg sandwich ...anything with egg i love ...thanks for sharing


  2. It looks great! My hubby is a huge fan of cucs so I will have to try this! Pretty easy and unique!

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