Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cold Somen Noodle

In Japan, eating cold somen noodle is quite popular in summer. Somen is a very thin wheat flour noodle.
My mom made this noodle sometimes during the summer for lunch. I didn't like it too much back then because it was just noodle and dipping sauce and some green onion or something very simple. Plus, I like warm noodle better than cold. However, since it has been quite hot this summer, I have been wanting to eat  something cold and refreshing. I decided to make somen noodle for dinner.

The other day, I saw someone making somen dipping sauce with eggplant and pork. This looks more interesting and flavorful so I made this dipping sauce.

I just cut eggplants and pork into small pieces and saute in a pot. Then add soup base (tsuyu no moto) and water then let it cook until eggplants are tender.

Somen noodle is very thin so you just cook for 2~3 mins. Then wash them under cold water and add some ice to make it even colder.

I should have added green onion for the color but I forgot. Also, I think it would have been great if I added some ginger. Maybe next time.

How about some cold somen noodle for a hot summer day? It is really good!

My mom also made somen during winter with hot soup. This is also good. Sometimes, she add somen noodle into Miso soup :-) This is also pretty good!


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  2. Hy Mausi,

    First time here..amazed with your variety recipe collection. Love to drool more...will come back leisure.
    Do drop in at my space sometime.