Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Meatballs for potluck party and Rice Ball for dinner next day

I had a pot luck fireworks viewing party so I made Finnish meatball again. (Click here for the previous post about Finnish meatball) . I think this is a perfect dish to bring for pot luck party. The recipe is from this book which have been using a lot lately. 

I made so many meatballs that day. It was very tiring. I rolled and rolled. It was like never ending meatballs. 

I can not fry them at once so I had to do it in batches. This also takes time. 

It came out really good and everybody liked it but since I had been making meatball all day, I had no desire to eat meatball for a while. I can't even think about meatball anymore. Meatball overload.

The party was great. Everybody brought great dishes. We had schnitzel, salad, sausage, Persian dish, dessert. Fireworks was right in front of her apartment so we went up to the rooftop and enjoyed the fireworks. It was perfect location. 

Also, we brought watermelon. We love eating watermelon in summer. It is so refreshing!

Since we ate a lot this day, we had simple rice ball next day for dinner. I love rice balls. This time, I used pickled plum, salmon flakes with sesames, seaweed, dried vegetable flakes and so on. 

Rice ball is very popular in Japan. Many people have this as an easy meal. I would say this is equivalent to sandwich here. 

Since it has been quite hot here in NY, something easy to cook like this is perfect right now. Plus, it is quite light but satisfying. I love the salmon flake ones best. I ran out of salmon flake. I have to get it again next time when I go to japanese supermarket. 

By the way, did you watch World Cup over the weekend? I am sad that it has ended. I really enjoyed this world cup. I realized how fun to watch soccer. Final game was great to watch. Both of them are good team so I would have been happy either way. 

What surprised me most was Paul the Octopus. I heard that he guessed 8 games and guessed all of them right. I read somewhere that he is quite old for an octopus so they were not sure if Paul will be able to predict next World Cup....

Anyway, I am looking forward to watching next World Cup in four years. Next one will be in Brazil and I think it will be an exciting one. 

I heard on the radio yesterday that Christiano Ronald from Portugal was visiting NY for vacation. He is very good looking and very popular player. I wish I could have seen him in real life. However I still think that David Beckham is the best looking player in soccer. I saw him watching England game in the field with very nice looking suite. He is very good looking. Well, wether good looking or not, I really enjoyed watching all the games. It is such an exciting and incredible sports. 


  1. the meatballs look great! and I like rice balls. I often get them whenever I go to my local Japanese supermarket. I like the one with tuna or just salty seaweed.

  2. HI Michael,
    Thanks! Tuna rice ball is a great one. I like it also. It is tuna flakes with some mayonaise right? There are so many different kinds of rice balls in japan. It is a great easy meal which you can bring anywhere :-)