Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kinpira Gobou & Japanese Scrambled Egg

Since it was too hot to make complicated dish and standing in front of the stove for a long time, I made easy dinner. Kinpira Gobou is Japanese traditional dish. It has thinly sliced burdock root and carrots. Normally this is a side dish in Japan but I can have this as an main  dish. It is a lot of work to slice these vegetables thinly so I bought already sliced frozen burdock root and carrots in Japanese grocery store.
How convenient!

If they are already sliced, it is very easy to make this dish. Add little bit of oil in a frying pan, then add burdock root, carrots and chili flakes. Then, add soy sauce, sake and sugar. Cook until vegetables are soft but not too soft (bit crunchy) then add sesame seeds at the end. That's it!

Since this is a lot of Kinpira gobou I made, I separate them into small containers and froze them. Whenever I want to eat this, I can microwave it and eat it!

The other thing I made was Japanese scrambled egg. Why is it Japanese? Because I added some scallions, soy sauce and sugar. I love eggs with sugar and soy sauce when I am eating them with rice.
It might sounds strange for non-Japanese people to add sugar in scrambled egg but when you eat this with rice, it is so good! My husband doesn't say anything about this sweet scrambled egg and he eats them but I wonder if he thinks that it is strange to have eggs sweet. I have to ask him sometimes :-)

So yesterday, Germany couldn't win the semi-final. But I think it was a good game and they did very well this World Cup. Also, Spain was really good I think. Now, final is Spain vs Netherlands. I am excited about this game. Both of them deserve to win and this will be another great game!

I was never into soccer but this World Cup has been so much fun to watch. I didn't know World Cup is this much fun! I wish I should have known. Too bad this is only once in four years. But again, that might be why it is so exciting!


  1. hi. At first, adding sugar to scrambled egg was a bit weird, but a friend made this for me and it was delicious.

    who are you rooting in the world cup final? :)

    have a great day.

  2. HI Michael,
    Yes, it might sound strange but it is good! I am glad you like it also.
    For the World Cup final, I am fine with either way. Both of them are good team, I think. It will be a good game to watch!

  3. Nice variation to scrambled eggs...


    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. HI Deepa,
    Thanks! It goes great with some rice. I love sweet & salty scramble egg!

  5. My mother is from Osaka. I was born near Tokyo. What part of Japan are you from?
    My mother never used sugar in her eggs. In fact she didn't use much sugar in her cooking at all. Could be personal preference or even region. She was born in 1934.

    1. Hi Chieko!
      Thank you for your comment! I am from Tokyo. I thought it is a Japanese thing to add sugar to eggs but I guess I was wrong! I always like it this way since my mom makes it this way. You are also right about being in a different regions make a big difference in taste. I use sugar often when I cook Japanese food. I like these sweet and salty taste! I think my Japanese cooking is influenced a lot by my mom's cooking :-)

  6. My mother was from Tokyo, she was born in 1927, and she moved to the USA after World War II. She always made me sweet scrambled eggs mixed with steamed rice when I was a little girl. I still make it for myself when I need some comfort food.

    1. Hi AZ! Thanks for your comment! My mom makes steamed rice with sweet scrambled eggs also! I love those. I haven't had it for a long time so I almost forgot about it but now as I read your comment, I remember. I should make it for my son. He would love it! I love those food which brings back good memories :-)