Saturday, July 10, 2010

Greek Stuffed Vegetables

I have made another wonderful dish from this wonderful cook book which I borrowed from the library.
Click here for Finnish Meatball and Roasted Chicken which I made from this book previously.

This time I tried "Stuffed Vegetables" (P115) from the Greek section of the book.

It uses Red Bell pepper, Tomato and zucchini as a container for this ground meat and rice mixture and baked in the oven for 1-hour and half.

First, make a container out of those vegetables. I thought it will be difficult but it was not too bad and it cake out pretty good!

Make the mixture with ground pork and beef, uncooked rice, vegetables, spices and such.

Then, fill the vegetables with these mixture.

Put the lid on, add some potatoes and pour some liquid then into the oven.

After one hour and half in the oven, this is how it look.

It was really good! I loved the juicy vegetables and the color is wonderful on a plate.

I really love this book. Since I renewed this item, I can borrow this until the end of July. I hope I can make some more dishes from this book before I return it. Maybe I should purchase this book. There are so many great recipes in this book.

Last night, we had a city's fireworks. Our friend invited us for a potluck party for fireworks viewing. The apartment was right in front of the fireworks and it had a big rooftop so it was perfect! I made finnish meatballs which is also from this book and brought it to the party. It seemed like everyone liked it! I am happy.


  1. What a wonderful idea Mausi! I love the looks of the stuffing. Super delish!

  2. how delicious. I just had my dinner and I feel like eating again. :) yum.