Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Getaway to Hudson Valley and lunch at Culinary Institute of America

On the weekend, my husband and I had relaxed weekend getaway to Hudson Valley. There are lots of greens and our eyes and mind and body are so refreshed from all the fresh air!

We booked a hotel in right by the Hudson River in a small town called Rheinbeck. I realized that on the way to the hotel, there is a Culinary Institute of America. We decided to stop by and have a lunch there.

 The Culinary Institute of America is a very prestige culinary school in the U.S. Many famous chefs graduated from this school such as Anthony Bourdain (my favorite) and Iron chefs like Cat Cora and Michael Simon.

The campus is very well maintained and beautiful. There are many students walking around with their chef uniform and knife bags or whisks with their hand! There are many flowers such as lavender. (of course my husband took this photo of lavenders since he loves lavender)

They have about 5 or 6 restaurants on the campus and students are performing the skills which they learned in classes.

Since the formal restaurants need a reservation, we went to a casual pizzeria. We ordered Pizza and Panini. Pizza is baked in a 700F oven. We ordered simple Margarita.

The Panini was ham and gruyere cheese with arugula salad. I really liked this panini and salad. It was perfectly seasoned and perfect size!

After this, we walked around the campus.  After a walk, we stopped by at the cafe on the campus. They had lots of beautiful looking dessert and we were tempted to try those sweets but we really wanted to try this one thing on the menu which was Truffle flavored french fries. And I am so glad that we ordered this because this was really good! It was one of the best French fries I had in my life.

Our stomach was satisfied and we head to the hotel to check in. The hotel was right in front of the Hudson River and the room was facing the river. We stayed in the hotel and enjoyed nice view from the room.

Tomorrow, I will upload some photos from the second day but the second day's weather was not so great. However, it was great with lots of green!

Since I looked at those students at culinary school, now I want to cook more! I saw a big thick book at Culinary Institute called "Professional Chefs". It seemed like this book has all the details of skills of the professional chefs. I would like to get this book someday and learn all the tricks of professional chef!

By the way, world cup has started and my husband was cheering for Germany yesterday. It seems like we have a Japanese game today. I hope they will play well as Germany did yesterday :-)


  1. Sounds like fun! Its great that you have a passion for food and you get to visit the prestigious college

  2. The food are really tempting. Most especially panini and pizza. Great post you have. Thanks for sharing. More power.

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