Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekend Getaway to Hudson Valley 2

On a second day of our weekend getaway, we woke up slowly and went to have a complimentary breakfast at the hotel's restaurant. This breakfast was not like buffet breakfast but you can actually order from the menu and they will make it for you after they get the order. It was really good breakfast. I did not bring my camera so no photo of breakfast...

After the breakfast, we went back to the room, took a bath and check-out the hotel.

First, we went to this market which is located in a farm. They sell fresh produce and some prepared food. The place was smaller than I thought and I couldn't really find what I wanted so I didn't get anything.

After that, we went to the Bard College. It seems like this college is famous for their performing arts. They had this beautiful concert hall. The campus was very green and nice. I wish it was sunnier that day...

While we were walking around the campus, we heard music from somewhere. We tried to walk to the source of music but coulnd't really pinpoint the location. It seemed like the sound was coming from the other side of the street so we went back to the car and took the car to find this location.

However, when we tried to search the location with our car, we couldn't hear the music any longer. We just drove around the campus and this college is huge! It felt like a whole mountain was the campus of this college. It is very green and beautiful college.

For lunch, we went back to the town close to the hotel. This was a very cute small town with lots of nice little restaurants and stores. There were lots of families since it was a weekend.

We went into a French bistro type of restaurant. We ordered Carbonara and Baked Mozzarella with tomato & basil. Both of the were really good. I would love to try making this Baked Mozzarella at home sometimes. It was panko breaded Mozzarella baked and had tomato, basil, red onion and olives on top of it with some balsamic glaze. Yummy!

After the lunch we head back home and stop by at Vanderbilt Mansion on the way. Vanderbilt is that famous guy who made railroad and made fortune. He has many Mansions and properties around NYC and this is one of them. By the way, I found out the Anderson Cooper from CNN is a descendant of Vanderbilt. This Mansion has more than 30 bathrooms! (I don't remember how many rooms they have)

We took some of the nice green road and took in lots of fresh air to our body. I love those small road with lots of trees.

It was such a lovely relaxed weekend. My husband also enjoyed it a lot. We had such a wonderful time together. There are lots to see in NY!

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