Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vegetarian multinational supper

I made some dishes from one of the recipe books I borrowed the other day. It ended up as an vegetarian plate.

I used this book which my friend recommended. It is called 'World Food Cafe" and this book contains many different vegetarian dishes from different parts of world.

The first dish was on page 66 on this book and called "Nalagarh Brinjal" from North India. It is fried eggplants with garlic yogurt sauce. It seemed like a Mediterranean dish but the book said it is from North India. 

This garlic yogurt sauce is really good. It has garlic and also ginger in it. It is quite garlicky since it uses raw garlic but it goes great with eggplant. 

The second dish I made from this book was "Cuban Green Rice"on page 181. This rice used green pepper, parsley and cilantro so it is called green rice. I didn't have green pepper so I used red pepper which made this rice not so green rice :-) but it taste good. I wish I could taste more parsley and cilantro. 

Maybe next time I will try adding them at the end after the rice was cooked so I can taste those parsley and cilantro better. 

The last dish is not from the book but my mother-in-law taught me this the other day. She watched this on TV or something and she tried and liked it so told me also how to make it. I don't know how you call this but I call it "Belgium Endive (Chicory) with Saffron".

Since I have not seen the actual finish dish, I am not sure if I made this right but I hope it is close to the original dish :-) 

First, add butter and sugar in a frying pan and saute chopped garlic and ginger. 

Add Belgium Endive in it (cut into four) and sprinkle with salt and pepper. 

Add white wine and lemon juice then put the lid on. Steam for 1~2 minuets. 

Take the lid off and add some saffron. That's it! 

I think I might added too much wine and lemon juice but it looks beautiful on a plate and taste good! Plus, it is super easy. 

I haven't use Belgium Endive too much before. I think I only had these as an appetizer with some egg salad on it. It is great to know new way of cooking this vegetable. I like learning how to cook new vegetable. I would like to try cooking more new vegetables. 


  1. Mausi,
    I saw that you posted a comment on my blog (Settling in Seoul), so I followed the link to yours. Great blog! My wife and I are foodies, too, (well, my wife more so than I), so this is right up our alley! Pics look great!

  2. Nalagrah Brinjal with garlic curd sounds great. Never had this combination. You inspire me :-)

    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. Look all very delicious. I love esp. that eggplant.

  4. All of your dishes look wonderful. The eggplant sounds especially good and it would be hard not to like your rice. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary