Friday, June 4, 2010

Onion & Mushroom Tart, Tomato & Basil Tart

I was looking at a tart recipe book which I borrowed from a library and decided to make savory tart with some ingredients which I had at home.

This is the book I was looking at. Doesn't this look good? 

This book has both savory and sweet tart but I wanted to make some savory tart for dinner. 

I had onion, shiitake mushroom, tomato, basil and cheese so I decided to make two different kind of tart with these ingredients. 

First, I made tart dough and bake a little bit with some weight before I add some topping. I think you can see some of the rice on the side fell which I used for the weight. 

So, one kind of tart was with caramelized onion with some sautéed garlic shiitake mushrooms with some cheese on top. The other kind was tomato, red onion and some basil with cheese. 

Then I put them in the oven for about 30mins. Here is what came out. 

On top of these tart, I sprikled some truffle balsamic vinegar cream which I bought in Germany. I have been wanting to use this truffle balsamic vinegar cream but I didn't know exactly for what. When I made these tart, I thought these might go great with this truffle balsamic vinegar cream so I tried. This is how truffle balsamic cream look like. 

It looks great with this truffle balsamic vinegar cream and it tasted wonderful also. A sharp balsamic flavor enhanced the flavor of the whole tart. 

These tarts were great but I think it might have been better with some puff pastry. After I made these, I realized that the cover of the book was also with puff pastry. I would like to try it with puff pastry next time. But it seem like making puff pastry is more difficult and time consuming. I am not sure if I can successfully make puff pastry on my own but I would like to try sometimes... :-) 


  1. I think I would love to use some crackers to make some savoury tartlets. Truffle balsamic sounds fantastic.

  2. wow i love the tarts,Yummy combination of mushrooms,tomatoes,basil luks fabulous...

  3. This looks incredibly gorgeous and delicious! Hope I can find that balsamic vinegar cream, it sounds pretty tasty! Good post! Thanks!

  4. Nice savoury tarts... loved the idea of adding balsamic vinegar cream as a garnish....