Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend BBQ Party

Memorial day weekend is the beginning of summer. Summer means BBQ. Everybody in the U.S. celebrate this beginning of summer three day weekend with BBQ. I also celebrated summer with BBQ on Saturday inviting some friends.

About 20 adults and 5 kids came to visit and it was a great and fun BBQ.

Some of our friends brought beautiful flowers. I love having flowers in my house. It brighten the house up.

Since it is BBQ, we asked everybody to bring whatever they want to BBQ. We didn't have to prepare much but I made two different kinds of appetizer and one dessert.

One of the appetizer was mini smokes salmon wrap. I made this salmon wrap before but I thought it will be a great appetizer if I made this into bite size pieces.

It came out great! It looks pretty and everybody liked it. I think this is a perfect appetizer for a summer party. (Click here to go to previous post for the recipe)

I also made cheese roll using phyllo sheet and feta cheese. For dessert, I made banana pudding which was a great success. I made this banana pudding once before and everybody loved it then so I decided to make it again. I will write about them tomorrow.

For the BBQ, we grilled different kinds of stuff. You don't see them in the photo but we also had shrimp and salmon etc.
The huge sausage in the middle is a special sausage from Poland. Our friend from Brooklyn went to a Polish store and bought it. It was really good.

I also made caramelized onion for hamburger. This is five onions. Can you believe it? It is crazy how small they get when you caramelize them but it tasted great with hamburger.

This is my hamburger.

I had a great time. It was so much fun! I think we should make this as a tradition. I love having BBQ. It is nice to have a cold drink and eat something delicious under the sun. All of our neighbors are also having BBQ and everybody was having fun. I love Memorial day weekend. Summer is finally here!!!

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