Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Manhattan Dinner @ Balthazar

The weekend was so beautiful and sunny, we went to Manhattan one of the weekend and spent a day there. Well, I had a dentist appointment so that was the main reason to go there but my husband came with me and we enjoyed rest of the day there.

Well, first thing we did was baking this croissant in the morning.
These are frozen mini croissant (it is not so mini :-) from Trader Joe's. This is so easy and delicious. I just need to take out some of them from the freezer the night before. In the morning, the croissant is doubled or tripled in volume. Then, I just stick them into the oven for about 15mins. (Please click here for the previous Trader Joe's Croissant post)

And these sunflower below is the ones we bought about two weeks ago. It was getting little sad looking so my husband took the only flower part and float them in a bowl with water. Isn't this pretty? The color combination of blue and yellow is perfect. My husband also loved his own creation and was admiring this bowl for a while with excitement :-) We had a croissant breakfast outside looking at this beautiful sunflower bowl.

My husband and I started the morning in such a good mood and went to Manhattan.

After the dentist, we walked around the city. It was quite a hot day. Summer is here! I love it.

After walking a while, we wanted to decide on where we are going to eat. I have a long list of restaurants I want to try out in Manhattan. We looked at the list and decided to go to Balthazar which we both wanted to go for a while.

This restaurant is a quite famous restaurant. It is a french bistro style restaurant in SOHO. I once borrowed their recipe book from a library. (Click here for that post)  Also, I watched on TV once that celebrity chef Bobby Flay was saying that their french fry was the best french fry he had. So I wanted to try out.

It is a popular restaurant and we didn't have a reservation but the time was little bit before 5pm so we thought we have a good chance of getting a table without waiting too long.

We went there and found out that the finish serving hot food at 5pm and start again with dinner at 6pm. We were lucky that we arrived there just before 5pm.

I had stake and fries. I had to try this french fries bobby flay was complimenting. I don't know the name of the sauce it came with the stake but the sauce was very creamy and rich and tasty! The french fry was really good but I think I had it better...

My husband had homemade fettuccine with shrimp and broccoli robes. This dish was excellent. I loved it. I think I liked this one better than my dish. The shrimp was so fresh and tasty.

We had another wonderful day in Manhattan. Both of us were so satisfied with this day. My husband really liked this restaurant. After the dinner, we walked around soho area and then to China town. Then took a subway and went home.

There are so many restaurants in Manhattan and it is difficult to choose which one to go. It will take a long time to go all the restaurants I want to go but I would like to check my list off slowly and enjoy the process.

Manhattan in summer is so nice. There are so many events and nice parks around. I would like to explore Manhattan and Brooklyn more this summer.

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