Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Juicy Roasted Chicken with Potato & Onion

I made another dish from this book. I really like this cook book. (click here for another dishes from this cook book which I made)

This time, I made what it called "Ludi's Chicken" in this book on P359.

Ludi is what the author of this book call her sister and this roast chicken is her recipe.

Roast chicken is easy to make and chicken is sometimes cheaper when you buy whole so I used to make roast chicken sometimes.

Lately, I found Costco's $4.99 roast chicken so I hadn't made it on my own for a while.

This is how it came out. It looks pretty good, isn't it?

This was so easy to make. You just need to add chicken, potato, onion, garlic and pour over the sauce which you make with mustard, olive oil, oregano, lemon and so on. Add some water and then to the oven. (You add some white wine also in the middle of roasting)

This is how it looked before roasting.

And this is after roasting.

Potatoes and onions are tender and also juicy!

The chicken was so juicy and tender. It is lemony but also rich and tasty. I loved it! I think this might be the best roasted chicken I ever made. I know that I will be making this roast chicken sometime soon again!

By the way, I would love to get a bigger roasting pan. The one I have is OK but when you add potatoes and onions, it is a bit too small. I think I need something like the one you use when you roast turkey (The one with handles). Like these.
Well, those thing take up some space so maybe I don't want it right now but someday I would love to have one of these and make lots of roast chicken!

Maybe two chickens at once!

When I eat roast chicken, I always make chicken stock from its bones. Homemade chicken stock makes a huge difference in cooking, I think. (Here is how I make my chicken stock)

This time, I forgot that I had lemon and garlic inside the cavity of chicken so the chicken stock became lemony. Oh well, it might be good also with a hint of lemon flavor :-)

Yesterday, Japan lost the game on World Cup. I was disappointed because it was so close!! However, I think everybody played very well and I enjoyed watching the game. Now, the U.S. and Japan are gone, I will be cheering for Germany! They will have a game on Saturday. It will be an another exciting (screaming and jumping up and down) morning with my husband this Saturday morning :-)


  1. I love roasted chicken and your recipe looks delicious!

  2. I LOVE!!! chicken and what a GREAT!!! recipes and LOVE!!! the photos.

  3. omg....I made roast chicken 2 days ago! And made chicken stock with the leftovers.........but after seeing ur pic, I just realized I forgot the onions!