Thursday, June 10, 2010

Homemade Table Roll sandwiches!

I saw a cute table roll sandwich like these ones on someone else's blog and wanted to make these myself since then.

First, I needed to make table roll. I am a beginner baker so baking bread is still a difficult take for me.

Since it is quite warm these days, it was much easier for the dough to rise.

After the first rise, I divide the dough into small pieces and line them in a pan. 

Then, let it rise again. It became like this after about 1 hour.

After the second rise, into the oven and this is how it came out.

I made a mistake on the oven setting so it was little bit over baked but it looks good.

Using these table roll, I made sandwiches with different fillings. My husband loves sandwiches so he was super excited about this dinner. These are egg sandwich, tuna salad sandwich, potato salad sandwich, corn sandwich, sausage sandwich and salami with cheese sandwich.

I like having small sandwiches. It is like sliders. For some reason, I like sliders better than regular hamburger thus I like small sandwiches better than regular sandwiches.