Friday, June 18, 2010

Falafel Sandwich with homemade pita bread

It is vegetarian dinner again! Do you know what Falafel is? It is a popular food in Middle East and pretty popular here in the U.S. also. It is made from grind garbanzo beans with some herbs and spices. You made a small ball with it and fry them and eat with some vegetables and tahini sauce with pita bread.

My husband and I love falafel and every time we go to Middle Eastern restaurants, we have to order falafel. (Even though I don't like beans in general, I love Falafel)

I have been wanting to make this but somehow it seemed difficult to make it so I had never tried to make it myself until now. But, I found this falafel mix the other day and it seemed pretty easy so I decided to make it using this falafel mix.

Since I used the falafel mix to make my life easy, for the pita bread, I made it from scratch. It was also the first time for me to make pita bread so I searched the internet and found this wonderful website called "DedeMed". She has lots of recipes for Mediterranean food and her recipe and video was easy to follow and great explanation. Here is the link for the pita bread recipe and video on DedeMed.

So here is the pita bread I made. This is after the first rise. 

Made small balls and let it rise again. 

Rolled them out 

Bake it in the oven and here it how it came out.  

For Falafel, I just mixed the falafel mix and water. I looks like this. 

Then I made  small balls with it. I made it flat so it is easier to fry with small amount of oil. 

It is how it came out. 

For the topping, I used tomato, cucumber, red onion, salad leaves and Tahini sauce. 

I think Tahini sauce is very imprtant ingredients for falafel sandwich. I used this Tahini paste and followed recipe on "DedeMed

I really enjoyed this falafel with freshly baked pita bread. Tahini sauce was great also. This is an vegetarian dish but it is very satisfying dish. I only had three falafel and one and half pita bread and I was already full. I really like this falafel sandwich I made. I am very happy that I was able to make this. Maybe next time, I will try to make falafel from scratch :-) 

This is a wonderful vegetarian meal which I want everyone to try. It is healthy but very filling and tasty!

If you can not find falafel mix and Tahini sauce in your grocery store near you, you can purchase them from Amazon. Click the link below to go to Amazon site. 


  1. Great for a vegetarian meal! It looks delicious!

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhh..pita bread from filling n healthy dinner....yummmmmm

  3. Looks ....loving it...