Saturday, June 26, 2010

Easy and Spicy! Thai Green Chicken Curry for a Hot Summer Day

When I don't feel like cooking too much, I make Thai curry using Thai curry paste. I always keep Thai curry paste and coconut milk at home for those kind of days so if I have chicken and some kind of vegetable, I can make this curry in a short time and effort.

Yesterday was green curry. I normally use the brand called "maesri" for curry paste. I love their curry paste.
                                  Here is the recipe.

Thai Chicken Green curry

Maesri green curry paste      1 can (114g)
Chicken breast                      1lb
Coconut milk                       2 cans (400ml for 1 can)
Carrots                                 2
Green Bell Pepper               1/2
Red Bell Pepper                   1/2
Yellow Onion                     1/2
Bamboo Shoots                   1 can (227g)
Basil                                    about 20 leaves
Fish Sauce                           2 table spoons
Vegetable Oil                      2 table spoons

1. Heat a large frying pan with vegetable oil. Add curry paste and saute for a bit then add vegetables and saute.

2. Add chicken and saute until it turns color.

3. Add coconut milk and bring to boil then turn the heat down and let it simmer.

4. When the meat is cooked through and vegetables are soft, turn the heat off and serve with Jasmine rice.

My husband love Thai curry so he was happy to eat this last night. This is such an easy meal and I get lots of compliments and appreciation in return. Isn't it great?

It was really hot yesterday and this curry was really hot so we were sweating and our nose was running. It is OK while we are eating but once we stopped, we could feel all the spiciness in our mouth. But I always use one whole can of curry paste. It is spicy but it's so good!

Enjoy your weekend and enjoy watching World Cup if you are into it :-) I am sure I will :-)


  1. This looks wonderful Mausi! My daughter and son are big fans of Thai food. I'll have to try making this for them soon!

  2. Curry looking awesome..just so perfect...yummy meal

  3. A great comforting meal! Love the Thai cuisine.