Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Day Trip to Manhattan and Delicious Caribbean Roasted Chicken

During the memorial weekend, my husband and I went to explore NY for a day. There are many things which we haven't seen in and around NY.

First, we went to this place called "Fort Tryon Park". It is north of Washington Heights. In this park, there is a museum called "The Cloisters".

The park has lots of flowers and trees but not too many people. It is a perfect place to have a picnic or just walk around. It is right next to the Hudson river so the view is also great.

The Cloister is devoted to the art and architecture of medieval Europe. Not just the art pieces but the building also looks like medieval so you feel like you are in medieval Europe.
It is a beautiful building in a beautiful location.
They also have garden inside. It is wonderful.
We walked around the cloister and the park. Since we started to get hungry right about then, we went to check out the nice restaurant in the park. However, the restaurant was closed for the private event.

So, we decided to head to the next destination and try to find something on the way there.

Our next destination was Columbia University and we were driving by Washington Heights and realized that there was a concert hall which we came once.(I came to see Maxwell in this concert hall)  I remember that there are many Caribbean or latin american restaurant around here. There is this one restaurant called "Malecon" which is right across from the hall and it seemed like they have really good roasted chicken. We decided to go in.

My instinct was right! Their roasted chicken was absolutely delicious!
We also had some yellow rice and avocado salad. There avocado was so good. They might be the best avocado I ever had.
I really liked this restaurant. I wish we have this close to our place. Another great thing is that it was very affordable. The food was very fresh and we ate a lot but the bill was $16.00 plus tip! What a deal!

The restaurant was pretty busy and there are many families there. It was quite lively atmosphere and I liked it. Maybe many families went to church and came to the restaurant for lunch after that. If you are in Washington Heights sometimes, I highly recommend this restaurant!

After fulfilling our stomach, we head to Columbia University but on the way there we found this big church and the door was open so we went in to see.
This church is called Riverside church and it was beautiful church. The security people were so friendly. They told us that we can take pictures and stay as long as we want.

This is how it looks inside.

Stained glass is also beautiful.
It was hot outside but inside of the church was cool and very quite. I had no idea such a huge church exit in Manhattan. I bet there are so many people coming here on Sunday morning. If you have a chance, try to peek in this church, it is a beautiful building.

Then, Columbia University. It was very green and peaceful. We sat down and relaxed watching birds and students. It is so much fun to do people watching.
It was a wonderful and perfect day. My husband also really enjoyed this day. We decided to do something like this more often. There are so many places or things which we haven't visited in NY and it is a perfect time of the year to visit all these places because in winter it is too cold to enjoy those sights.

Summer is here and we are excited to explore hidden places of NY. (at least hidden to us :-)


  1. thanks for sharing the pics...i m drooling over the chicken and the A'cado.......the place is so bful with the art and seeing such places......

  2. What a lovely day and beautiful place! The chicken looks really tasty. Did they do something to the avocados? orwas it just plain avocado?

  3. Hi Sanuyukya,
    Thank you for enjoying the pictures. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed it. I will try to go those places more this summer and take more pictures :-)

  4. HI pigpigscorner,
    Thanks! The chicken was awesome. And also avocado. They did not have anything on avocado but just avocado. It was so good, we didn't need any dressing for it. They has some kind of limy garlicky sauce with the chicken and we tried it with avocado also. It was good either way :-)