Monday, June 28, 2010

A Day in Manhattan (Vietnamese Sandwich & Shack Burger)

On Saturday, we (my husband and I) had a concert from 7:00pm at Madison Square Garden so we decided to go early to Manhattan and watch 2:30pm U.S. vs Ghana World Cup game at a sports bar in Manhattan.

There are so many sports bars but most of them were packed! We found one which is not too packed but quite many people and stayed there to watch the game. As the game progress, there are more and more people and I felt dizzy probably from bad air. I went outside to get fresh air and kind of missed the last part of the game.. Well, it was unfortunate that the U.S. couldn't make it to the next match...

After the game, we went to have an early dinner before the concert. Recently, my mind was occupied with "Bahn Mi"(Vietnamese Sandwich). There are many Vietnamese sandwich places in Manhattan and I found one close by the bar we were at so we bought one Vitnemese Sandwich and went to Madison Square Park.

This is my favorite! "Bahn Mi" Vietnamese Sandwich. It has some port, picked carrots and cilantro etc on a french baguette. This Sandwich is so good!!!! and it is quite big but just $5.00.

In this park, there is a famous hamburger place called "Shake Shack".

Their hamburger is very famous and people normally line up more than one hour for it. When we got there, there was a short line so we decided to try this famous hamburger. We got one shake burger and shared.

This hamburger was really good. The meat was really juicy and taste like good beef. It was very beefy.
No wonder people line up for this. I would come here again!

After dinner, we stated a the park for a while, resting from all the walk. It was such a hot day and many people were having picnic at the lawn under some tree.

Then, we walked to Madison Square Garden. It was bit early for the concert so not many people were there yet. Madison Square Garden is huge.

The concert we went was "Maxwell" the R&B singer. I like him at lot and this is my second time going to his concert. The whole audience was singing along and it was such a great feeling. I had so much fun.

On Sunday, we watched Germany vs England game at home. It was an exciting game. (Though I felt bad for that one goal which was not counted for England) I think Germany played very well.

I had another great weekend! Next weekend is 4th of July already! Time flies!


  1. I know, Germany played really well and the game was so exciting :-) now am so eagerly waiting for the big game on saturday :-)

    Glad to know that you enjoyed the concert!

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