Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cheese Roll & Banana Pudding

For the BBQ on the weekend, I made cheese roll for appetizer and banana pudding for dessert. I believe this cheese rolls are Turkish dish. I used frozen phyllo sheet. I never used phyllo sheet before but it is so thin!

The filling is Feta cheese with some herbs with egg.

Just mix them together.

Roll the filling with phyllo sheet.
I had to be very careful to handle phyllo sheet so I won't break it.

Then, bake in the oven for about 30mins.
I forgot to take picture of baked ones but since it was gone right away, I think it was pretty good! I was very happy that everyone liked it. This is a great appetizer for a party.

For the dessert, I made banana pudding. My husband and I love this banana pudding. This was my second time making this banana pudding. When our friends from South Africa came to visit us, I made this and they loved it. My husband brought some leftover to his office and shared it with his co-workers and they loved it also so I decided to make this for the party.

Layer nilla wafers, banana and special cream and repeat.

This cream has Jell-O vanilla flavor, condensed milk and whipped cream so it is very rich and super tasty!

Everybody loved this one also. I love making this banana pudding because I always get lots of compliments.

This is the recipe I used. Click here for the recipe.

It is easy to make (no baking) and I am sure that everybody will love it! In my opinion, banana pudding taste better on next day. Enjoy!


  1. Both the dishes look great... I especially loved the banana pudding :-) So yumm!!!!

  2. Wow both looks too recipes for me...yummy