Monday, June 21, 2010

BBQ at our Landlord's Place

On the weekend, my husband and I were invited for a BBQ at our landlord's place. It was a beautiful day and they have a nice back yard so it was a wonderful BBQ.

First, we had chips and dip as an appetizer. The dip was chili cheese dip and it tasted really good! I definitely would like to try making this at home sometimes. (I forgot to take picture of this dip, though..)

Then, we had salmon with avocado tomato salsa. The salmon was perfectly cooked and the salsa goes really well with the salmon and it looks pretty. I think this is a perfect summer dish! I lover it.

Then, of course you have to have hamburger and hotdog for BBQ.

We also had two different kinds of salad and corn. My plate was so colorful!

After BBQ, we enjoyed talking and had dessert. I brought banana pudding and they liked it so I was very pleased. They made apple cake and this apple cake was the best apple cake I ever had. It is very moist inside but outside was little crunchy and was perfect. They told me that this is a family recipe. They let us bring some of the cake home so I had it again for next morning. It was delicious! I have to ask her for the recipe of this apple cake.

After dessert, I was so full and they brought out this liquor called Sambuca. It is a liquor from Italy and they say that drinking this help you to digest. So I tried. It was little bit like liquorice but very sweet so it is easy to drink. I ended up having three glasses. (It was a small glass!!)

It has been four and half years since we started to rent the house we live right now. When we moved to NY, we went to see many apartments in the area but didn't find anything we liked. However, when walked into this house, we just fell in love with it  and we immediately liked the landlords from the first time we met them. We are lucky to live in this house and have such a nice landlord. We have our get together a few times a year and every time we have meal together, it is always great time.

They are such a great story teller and we just can't stop laughing with their stories. Especially, we like when we talk about their childhood memories growing up in Brooklyn and Queens. It is very interesting and always very funny. I am happy that we have a good relationship and I look forward keeping this great relationship with them :-)

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  1. It all looks great. I make a dessert with Sambuca so I know it's good! Sounds like you had a fun time!