Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tuna (Negitoro) rolls

I went to a big Japanese supermarket the other day and found this fresh tuna with green onion with a great price. It is called "Negi Toro". Negi means green onion and Toro means the best part of tuna.

There isn't any other ingredients for making rolls so I just made this Negitoro roll.

This tuna was pretty cheap but it tasted really good. I wish I could get this kind of tuna around my house.

My husband also liked this a lot. This is such an economical easy dinner! I just had to make some rice, mix with sushi vinegar and roll them with seaweed.

We had miso soup and green tea with it. It was a wonderful Japanese dinner night :-)

By the way, I have been listening a lot of Japanese old songs on You Tube lately. You tube is so convenient, don't you think?

When you search for 80's hit or 90's hit, they have some video with all the hit songs. There are so many songs which I have forgotten about but when you listen them again, you realize how great those songs were. I love singing with those old songs :-)

When I was in Japan, I used to go to Karaoke sometimes. I love Karaoke but I like it Japanese style. In Japan, many karaoke places have private rooms and you just go in with your friends and sing. Here, many karaoke is at bars and you have to sing in front of all these people. I am not a great singer so I don't want to sing in front of people but I like singing so private room is perfect for me.

I went to private room karaoke with my husband once in NYC, he likes singing so he enjoyed it but I think he doesn't mind singing in front of people neither :-)

Listening to all these old songs made me want to go to Karaoke again!!


  1. love those cute tuna rolls...bful color and presentaion looks so divine with those tuna rolls..yum