Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spice Market in NYC

Hello! I am back! I hope everybody is doing well. Last weekend was really nice weather and I went to my favorite restaurant in NYC. As I mentioned it in a earlier post, it is "Spice Market" (Click here for the earlier post about Spice Market)

My husband and I met up with his friend and his wife. They haven't been Spice Market before so we decided to go there together.

We ordered two appetizer, one salad and two main and of course my favorite "Ginger Fried Rice".

I couldn't take photos of all the dishes because I was so excited about the food in front of me and I forget to take picture :-)

But here are some.

This is Egg rolls.

Here is the cod with Malaysian Chili sauce

And last but not least, my favorite, "Ginger Fried Rice"
The weather was perfect and the french door was wide open. We were sitting right by the window. It just felt so good.

After the lunch, we walked on highline which is a walking way made out from former train track. The view from there was also nice and everybody was walking around and enjoying the beautiful day.

There are some area which you can sit down and relax.
After the walk, we went to Chelsea Market for a milk shake at the milk bar. Their milk shake is really good!

After the milk shake, we went to a big Japanese supermarket in NJ side. I bought lots of Japanese ingredients for cooking. I am excited to use them :-)

This is a view from NJ side. It is quite a nice view of Manhattan.

Right next to the super market, there is a Japanese book store. I bought this book called "Toritsukare Otoko".  It is a fiction and about a man who get addicted easily about many things. First, he get addicted to opera and can not stop singing about everything and anything then, he get addicted about other things and then something else and so on. One day he fell in love with this girl and get addicted to her.

It is a love story. I am not sure if this book is for an adult or for kids but I just liked the title and some drawing in the book. I am excited to read this book. Oh, I have so many books I want to read :-)


  1. nice pics along with tempting recipes gr8!

  2. wow...cod in tht sauce looks yum with ginger fried rice...thanks for shsring the pics...lovely