Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lunch and delightful afternoon with a friend (Panko Crusted Sole)

My friends from Queens came to visit me the other day. We never hang out by ourselves but we have seen each other so many times. It was very very nice to spend one-on-one time with her and get to know her more.

We went to a small restaurant for lunch. This resutaurant has a variety of items on their menu and I always find it difficult to pick on dish to order.

This time they had a lunch special and I found my favortie fish on a lunch special so I decided to order that. It is Japanese Panko crusted Sole. Sole is one of my favorite dish but it is quite expensive sometimes. This sole was lunch special and was not expensive at all but it tasted great.

I love Japanese Panko becuase when you fry them, it is extra crispy. It seems like Japanese panko is getting popular here in the U.S. since I see tham in a regular supermarket and in lots of restaurant menue and recipes.

After lunch, we went to a farmers market and came back home and spend the afternoon talking about a lot of different things. She is my age and very nice to talk to. I am excited to hang out with her more often. Since she is having a baby soon, she will be very busy after the baby arrives but I hope that I can help her somehow during those busy days :-)

It was so much fun and when we realized it was already 7:00pm. Time flies when you are having fun :-)

The funny thing was that my husband had a business dinner that night. And when he came home, I asked him what he had for dinner. He told me that he had Sole!!! How funny that both of us ordered sole that day without realizing it :-) I would like to belive that it is a special telepathy between us.


  1. Nice crunchy comfort food...perfect for the weekend.

  2. That's a perfect looks so gud..glad to knw u had gud time