Thursday, May 6, 2010

Linguine with white clam sauce

I like pasta with clam sauce especially white one. When I make this at home, I use canned clams and bottled clam juice. I know it looks and taste better to use the real clams with shells and all but this is super easy way to make clam sauce and it is super tasty.

The sauce is quite simple. It has garlic, green onion, clams, clam juice, lemon juice, heavy cream, white wine, parsley, basil, chili flakes and salt.

I have never seen clam juice when I was living in Japan. (Maybe because I did not cook much when I was in Japan.. ) This is very useful for cooking. I love it.

Making of this sauce is quite simple.
Saute garlic and green onion in the pan with some chili flakes. Add clams.

Add white wine, clam juice, heavy cream and lemon juice.
Add cooked linguine with parsley and basil.
Serve when it is hot.

This is really good and I don't add too much heavy cream to this so its quite light. Also, with lemon juice it is tangy and fresh!
This is such a tasty and fresh dish. I think it is perfect for a warm summer night with a glass of chilled white wine :-) Of course it will look better with the shelled real clams so if you are having a guest or something, I think it is better to use the shelled clams. It looks more gorgeous but for everyday home meal, this is perfect.

This dish is something which one of my roommate used to make for us (other roommates and I) sometimes. He was such a great cook and he used to cook lots of things when he had days off. That was when I first moved to the U.S. so some of the things he cook were pretty new to me and it was so much fun to eat great food which I was not familiar with.

One of his speciality was Chili Con Carne. His Chili Con Carne was the best! I have not talk to him for a long time and I don't know what and how he is doing now but I hope he is doing well.


  1. That looks like a perfect dinner :-)never tried clam sauce ever..

  2. I've never seen bottled clam juice here! Then again, I rarely cook seafood here as it's just so hard to get fresh seafood. This looks so tasty! Love to see pasta with a huge pile of yummy stuff on it =P

  3. This is one of my husband's favorites. He orders it a lot when we dine out. I must admit, I have never tried to make it. Yours looks delicious.