Friday, May 21, 2010

Japanese flavored mushroom pasta recipe

When I go to Japanese supermarket, I always buy many different kinds of mushrooms and make pasta or risotto. It was no exception this time neither.

I remembered that I had this great mushroom pasta in Manhattan's restaurant called TriBeCafe. (Click here for the post about TriBeCafe). I tried to recreate what I ate there.

I make mushroom pasta quite often but I don't use too much Japanese ingredients for it normally. This time I did some research and experimented with some ingredients from Japan such as "seasoning soy sauce", "seaweed powder" and "bonito flavored seasoning".

Japanese flavored mushroom pasta
Mushroom (I used maitake, shiitake, shimeji, bunashimeji but you can use whatever mushroom on hand as much as you want)
Pasta       300g
Onion      2  (sliced)
Garlic      2 cloves (chopped)
seasoning soy sauce    2 table spoon
seaweed powder         1 tea spoon
bonito flavored seasoning   1 tea spoon
butter                           2 table spoon
Olive Oil                     2 table spoon
Shiso (Japanese basil)  3

1. Heat up butter and olive oil in a frying pan and sauté onion and garlic.

2. boil water in a pot and make pasta.

3. When onion is well cooked, add mushroom, seasoning soy sauce, seaweed powder and bonito flavored seasoning.

4. When pasta is cooked, add pasta to the mushroom mixture and mix well.

5. Transfer to a plate and sprinkle with shredded shiso leaves.

This tasted more Japanese than my normal mushroom pasta and it was really good.

It might be a bit difficult to find those ingredients in a regular supermarket. Seasoning soy sauce is called "Tsuyu no moto" and this is very useful. This can be used to make a broth for udon or soba noodle or dipping sauce for Tempura or when you make some kind of bowl. I used this all the time.

Seaweed powder is called "konbu cha" and people dissolve this powder into a hot water and drink it as tea. I don't like drinking this tea but I like to used this as a flavor for some dishes.

Bonito flavored seasoning is a powder seasoning from bonito and we use this when we make miso soup. It is a base for making miso soup or some other kind of Japanese soup.

My husband told me before that he does not like mushroom too much but since I love mushroom, I make something with mushroom all the time. I think he got used to it. He now likes it. Maybe because I always enjoy eating mushroom, it motivate him to eat more mushroom :-) I don't know but it is good that he likes it now :-)


  1. Looks great!!! But I don't know why it is Japanese...(No offence^^)

  2. Hi Mausi

    Loved the step by step preparation of the Japanese Pasta. Although It is difficult to find all the special ingredients here in India, however I would definitely try to be closer to that. Wonderfully made.
    Hamaree Rasoi
    Hamaree Rasoi