Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Japanese dinner (carrots & gobo rice with root vegetable miso soup)

I made healthy Japanese dinner with the vegetables I bought at the Japanese super market the other day. 

First one was rice with carrots and gobo. Gobo is a root vegetable. I believe it is "burdock root" in English. It is very healthy vegetables and Japanese people eat this vegetable quite often. 

I just sliced those vegetables very thin with a peeler.

Then, add in the rice cooker with rice and water plus about 2 table spoon of soy sauce and 2 table sppon of sake. I used brown rice because brown rice is much healthier than regular white rice.

Then just cook the rice as normally do.

It does not have a strong taste but it is very good.

I also made miso soup with some root vegetables such as gobo, daikon and carrots. Normally, I don't saute vegetables for miso soup but for this one I sautéed first because all the root vegetables are quite tough. I add some bonito powder, soy sauce and sake just a little bit.

Then, add water. Cook them until all the vegetables are soft. Then. add miso paste.

These are very traditional Japanese dishes and they are very healthy! Some people might find it unsatisfying but I think it is great dinner for once in a while.

By the way, it has been really nice weather here in NY. It feels like summer already! Many people are sunbathing at the beach and enjoying the beach already.

Yesterday, I switched winter clothes and summer clothes. I love summer clothes. I am so excited to wear all my summer clothes!

Every time when I switch clothes, I pick some of the clothes I don't wear and donate. It is not easy to let go some of the clothes but I think if you don't wear them for three years, you will never wear them. I feel really bad throwing away so it is great that I can donate and there will be some people who will be enjoying my clothes.

There is a church group coming to pick up the donation clothes every few month and this is great! I love this system :-) I think this is a win-win situation.


  1. what a nice and simple recipe, first time here, luv ur space :)