Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Challenge for another homemade bread

I have tried to make homemade sandwich bread for a few times in the past. I have never made this perfectly and need more practice. So I tried it again to make it better.

It was a bit smaller than I have expected and it is not even. This is not a perfect sandwich bread which I was trying to make but the taste was there.

First, I made the dough and separate them into two. (At this point, it is already uneven....)

Roll them and put them in the pan.

This is after baking.

Let's cut them into thin slices.

I made turkey sandwich with this bread. The taste was really good. I just need to work on the shape.
Freshly baked bread is really good. Since this was quite small bread, we ate them pretty quickly.

Well, it seems like I need more practice on baking bread. In the future, I would love to bake baguette and sourdough bread but first I would like to make a perfect sandwich bread. Hopefully, the day will come very soon :-)


  1. I think your bread looks perfectly baked!

  2. Awesome! This looks great I would love to have that sandwich now

  3. The bread looks perfect to me... nothing like fresh home-made bread :)

  4. Hey Mausi..This bread looks Perfect to me...I still have to bake some bread at home yet.Love ut clicks.