Friday, May 7, 2010

Asian Flavors of Jean-Georges Recipe Book

Today, I would like to introduce a recipe book which I recently bought.
I ordered this recipe book through Amazon as my birthday gift and it has arrived yesterday! I am so excited.

This is the book.
It is called "Asian Flavors of Jean-Georges".

One of my favorite restaurant in NY is called "Spice Market" and the owner of this restaurant is Mr. Jean-Georges Vongerichten. He is a very famous chef who owns many restaurants. (Here is the link to his website)

He has many different kind os restaurant and some of them are Asian Fusion. This recipe book has many of the dishes from those Asian Fusion restaurants which he own and of course recipes of some dishes from Spice Market.

I love food and also the atmosphere (interior design) of Spice Market and every time I have guest from overseas or somewhere from other states, I take them there. The cuisine is asian fusion. It is great asian food with some western twist. Their food is tasty and also elegant.

The interior of this restaurant is gorgeous. I like all the furniture It feel like somewhere in Asia but not exactly Asia. It is a mixture of East and West. The place is pretty big and there is the first flour and also the basement level. On the first floor, there is a big french door and in summer, they open them all so it feels very open and fresh. In the basement level, there are some semi-private rooms which has a sofa type of seat around the table. I love those semi-private rooms. If you are going with a group of people, I highly recommend these rooms. (Here is the link to Spice Market website, you can see some of the interior)

Everything I ate here so far was pretty good but two of my absolute favorite is "Ginger Fried Rice" and "Cod with Malaysian Chili Sauce". You can see the cod dish on the cover of the cook. I love cod and I love this green sauce around it. It is delicious. And the ginger fried rice is my absolute favorite. I have to order this dish ever time I go there. It is pretty intense with ginger and garlic but it is absolutely delicious!
There is a fried egg on top of the fried rice and around the egg yolk there is lots of fried ginger and garlic. The egg yolk is not cooked all the way through so you crush the egg yolk and mix them with the rice to eat. I loved this dish so much I always wanted to make this at home. This book has the recipe for this dish also so I will definitely try it.

This book has so many other dishes which looks gorgeous. It has over 175 recipes. Some of the dishes might be difficult to make because of the ingredients or method but I am excited to try some of the easy ones.

I was just so excited about this book. I had to tell you guys here. If you ever come to NY, I recommend this. restaurant. It is a great atmosphere and great food.

If you are interested in this recipe book, here is the link to Amazon.

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