Thursday, May 27, 2010

2010 my container garden report

At the end of April, I went to the nursery and got some plants for this year (Click here for the past post for my container garden) . Today, I would like to report to you how they are doing.

It is getting warm here in NY (It was HOT yesterday like summer) and my plants are growing.

First, this is the tomatoes. You can see small yellow flowers coming out. After the flower, there will be some tomato coming out. I can not wait!

This is lavenders which my husband is growing. Actually, this one is from last year. It seemed like it died during the winter (We left it outside the whole winter) but the new leaves came out in spring and it is starting to blossom. How amazing the nature is!

Parsley is quite easy to grow, I think.

This is mint and garlic chives. Mint is growing rapidly and I need to use this soon. I am having a BBQ for memorial day weekend so I am thinking Mojito with these mint!
It is difficult to see garlic chives, you can see tiny thing coming out on the left side of mint. This was from seeds so it will take a while to grow bigger, I think.

Basil is also growing but the leaves are getting tougher. I don't know why. I used to be very green and soft but now it is getting little yellow and hard. Does anybody know why? Should I keep basil inside the house?

This is green chilies. You can see small white flower coming out, can't you? I love how chilies grow. It looks so cute when it comes out!

The most surprising one is green onion. This is something which I leanred from my mom and when I buy green onion from grocery store, I keep the roots and plant them. New ones come out pretty quickly and I don't have to buy green onion anymore. I always have green onion on hand. But I left these green onion for while without using them and look what came out! Big flowers!

I am going to use all the small ones before the flower comes out again :-)

It is great to see how the plants grow every day. It is quite amazing how sun and water affect their growth.

I would like to report again when I harvest all these vegetables next time!


  1. You have a beautiful garden there, just be careful with the tomato, we always had lots of birds around our tomato plants.

  2. hey u have such a nice variety of plants in ur garden, thnx for sharing.