Tuesday, May 25, 2010

10 promises to myself to make my life happier

Today, I would like to talk about something other than cooking or food because I am feeling great and I wanted to share my happiness with you.

I consider myself very lucky person and my life is awesome but I am a human and like everybody else, I sometimes feels sad or worried about some things.

I read this book called "Happiness Project" the other day. The author lives in NY and have a busy life with a husband and two kids and she realized that the time is slipping by her. She makes a plan to make her life happier by promising something to herself every month so she will be a happier person at the end of the year.
I thought about myself and I am very happy with my life right now but I realized that sometimes I forget about how lucky or happy I am.

Happiness is very subjective issue and it is depend on you. Nobody can measure your happiness but you. It is all depend on what you value in life and if you can appreciate things you have.

I have all these great people and things around me so I decided to make a list of 10 things which reminds me how happy I am or which makes me happier.

Sometimes we forget about all these small happiness in our lives. We don't think about it everyday but we realize it later when I loose it. I don't want to realize it when it is too late. I want to remember those things everyday to appreciate and enjoy them every single day. That is why I made these 10 promises to myself.

This is my list and it might be boring for you and you might not agree with them but these are for myself. Everyone has own things which make them happier. Here is mine :-)

10 Promises to myself to makes my life happier

1. Realize that you are alive and healthy today and appreciate it. (Health is a base for everything yet I think I take it for granted sometimes. I want to appreciate this fact everyday and cherish my body. I go to yoga for this reason also :-)

2. Pay attention to the miracles around you. (small miracles such as change of season, warmth of the sun, plants growing are things which I forget about if I don't make a conscious decision to notice those things. These small miracles makes me happy)

3. Appreciate what I have. (I have so many great people and great things in my life. I want to appreciate that everyday. It is easy to wanting what you don't have but I want to focus on what I have right now)

4. Sing and Dance more (I love singing and dancing. I am not saying that I am good at it but I like singing and dancing at home by myself sometimes. I also sing and dance in front of my husband and makes him laugh :-) It is great to have music in my life. It cheers my spirit up)

5. Laugh out loud. (In Japan we have a saying "Laughter brings good luck" and I think it is true. I also read somewhere that laughter brings your immune system level up)

6. Join more fun and exciting event. (Since I live in NY, I should take more advantage of this. There are so many shows, operas, concerts, sports game etc. I would like to try some of those events which I never have)

7. Learn something new everyday (This does not need to be something big. I just want to learn one new information everyday. It can be anything! For example, something about other countries or some cooking tips!)

8. Have a dinner party every month. (It actually doesn't need to be a party. Just a get together with a few people for dinner at our place. This will be a great practice for my cooking skill also :-)

9. Breath deeply and bring fresh air to every corner of my body (I do this in my yoga class but I really believe that inhaling fresh air deeply into my body cleanse my body. It feels really good and I want to give lots of fresh air to my body)

10. Be kind to others. (When I am nice to someone, they are happy and that makes me happy. This goes to all the people even to a stranger. I would like to be a person who can really feel happy for other people's happiness)

So these are my 10 promises. Since this is supposes to be something which should make me happy, there are no difficult tasks or things which I don't want to do. It is easy and something I want to do.

So I will try to keep my promises and especially when I feel sad or worried, I want to remind myself with those promises and bring my spirits up.

I also read this book called "The Secret" and I started to think that happiness is something you bring to yourself. Sometimes it is difficult to think positive but we only have one life so I would like to try to appreciate what I have and enjoy my life. This book "The Secret" tells you that if you want something you just ask for the universe and act and live like you have already received it then it will come to you.
When I think about everything I have, I feel like I have everything I want already. I really enjoy my life.

Thank you for reading my gibberish :-)


  1. Wonderful list Mausi! I try to do all these things too!
    Singing and dancing is great for the soul! Get the karaoke out! ;)

  2. Very rightly you have mentioned "The secret of happy life". We should cherish what we have because desires never end. And Health is the most factor we should be concerned.Nice post Mausi

    Hamaree Rasoi