Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Walking around the city of Frankfurt and meeting a fellow blogger!

It seems like Frankfurt is one of the big city in Germany and you see many high buildings in downtown area. Also, you see lots of business men/women in suites on the street especially during the lunch time.
Though it is a quite big city, the center of the city is quite small and easy to get around.

There is a big river by the city and the weather was really nice so I walked along the river. Everybody was enjoying the nice warm weather after the long cold winter season. I saw a few people bringing 6 packs and drinking by the river. I guess Germans love their beer :-)

There are many modern buildings but some part of the city still remain with old traditional buildings. It is quite interesting to see the contrast.

In Frankfurt, I was able to meet someone whom I get to know from a blog. She is a Japanese lady who married to a German guy and lives near Frankfurt. She has a blog about her cute daughter who just turned 2 years old. I have never met anyone whom I only know through blog so I was a bit nervous but since we have been reading each other's blog and commenting frequently, it seemed like I have known her for a long time.

She was very nice and easy to talk to. Also her daughter was very friendly to me. Right after when I saw her, she started to walk to me and hold my hand. I was surprised :-)

We had buffet lunch at Thai restaurant. It was really good.

There are some market on the open space and people were buying some fresh food from the vender.

This vender had meat.

This one was bakery.

And this one was with many different kind of herbs.

One thing I noticed during my stay in Germany is that there are many flower shops in Germany. I saw many of them on the street, or at the station. Many people were buying flowers. Maybe it was because of the Easter coming up but I think Germans like flowers in general. And those flowers were inexpensive! I wanted to buy some flowers but since I was traveling, I couldn't. I wish I could buy flowers with this price in NY also. I think Flowers make the house brighter and nicer.

I would like to try to have flowers in my house more often. Spring has come and all the flowers are blooming. I can not wait to buy some plants for this year and have my annual container garden in front of my house! If I can find a lemon tree, I would like to try that also this year! Happy spring!


  1. Flower shops are really can even get flowers in the supermarkets!
    I hope you did try some black forest cake in Germany too!

  2. Hello! I just started blogging a couple of days ago and found your blog through blog search. I love your pictures!! I've also been to Japan a couple of times and I fell in love with everything! including the pineapple man...which you might recognize. but anyways keep posting!! I'll be back.

  3. Hi Mausi
    Nice phptos of Frankfurt. Thai meal looks delicious as well. Hope you had a wonderful time in Germany. I hear that Japanese women are very good at Ikebana and Bonsai Art. In case you decorate a few of them please share the photos with us as well.


  4. Hi Angie,
    Yes, it is nice to see flowers everywhere. Anyway, now you mentioned, I forgot to try black forest cake in Germany!!!! Oh no!! I wanted to try it but I forgot.... I have to go back again.
    I tried making it at home once but it was not a success so I wanted to eat the real deal and try it again at home. Oh well, next time :-)

  5. Hi Mr. Pineapple man,
    Thank you for your comment and I am so happy to hear that you like my blog. Even though I am from Japan, I am not familiar with Pineapple man. What is it? I am curious now. I have been living in the U.S. for so long that I don't know lots of Japanese trends anymore, hahaha :-) Please come back again!

  6. Hi Deepa,
    Unfortunately, I have never tried Ikebana and Bonsai.. Shame on me. I think my mom learned Ikebana when she was very young. It is funny that you mentioned Bonsai because on Christmas I gave my father-in-law a little mini bonsai kit which I found in a book store. He just started and a little plant came out. I am looking forward to seeing his Bonsai!