Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stuffed Mushroom recipe

I found these beautiful big Shiitake mushrooms at supermarket the other day. Since I am a mushroom lover, I couldn't just walk pass them. I had to buy them :-)

I had been thinking about what I can make with these Shiitake mushrooms. It will be great if I can use it as it is since it was big and pretty.

I decided to make stuffed mushroom. This is quite common dish in Japan. It's kind of like the stuffed peppers but with mushroom instead of peppers.

It is normally made with ground pork but I had organic ground beef in my freezer so I used ground beef instead of pork. Also, I had Shiso (Japanese basil) in the fridge so I use it also to flavor the meat. It came out really good so here is the recipe.

Stuffed Mushroom (for 2 people)
Big Shiitake Mushroom 7
Ground beef      350g (about 0.7lb)
Shiso (Japanese basil)    6~7    chopped
Onion              2 (medium size) chopped
Celery             1 rib                   chopped
Soy Sauce       2 table spoon
Oyster sauce    1 table spoon
Nutmeg           1 tea spoon
Garlic Powder   1 tea spoon
Egg                   1
Panko (bread crumbs)  2 table spoon
Corn starch       about 1/2 cup
Salt & Pepper   little bit
Water               little bit
Vegetable Oil     6 table spoon

1. Put the ground beef in a bowl and mix with chopped onion, celery and shiso. Then add soy sauce, oyster sauce, nutmeg, garlic powder, egg, bread crumbs and salt & pepper and mix well.

2. Cut the stem out from the Shiitake mushrooms and sprinkle corn starch inside of mushroom. Then, sprinkle some water.

3. Take some of the beef mixture and stuff it to inside of mushrooms.

4. Repeat this and stuff all the mushrooms. This is how it look from the side.

5. When it is done, lightly cover the stuffed mushroom with corn starch.

6. Make a slit on the outside of mushrooms.

7. Heat a pan with vegetable oil and add mushrooms, meat side down. Cover with lid and cook for 3~4 minis.

8. When one side is done, flip them over and cover with lid. Cook for about 3 min until the meat is cooked well.

9. Serve.

We had these with some tempura sauce but since the meat is already seasons, you don't really need any sauce for it.

Even my husband loved it! (He is not a big fan of mushrooms) If you find some big Shiitake mushrooms, please try this :-)

By the way, our friend told us about this website game (?) which we played a few times and had quite fun. So I would like to introduce this game to you guys. It is called Akinator and you think of some character in your head and then, the Akinator will ask you questions so you answer and the Akinator will guess whom you are thinking about.

Sometimes, it misses and does not guess it right but often times he is correct. It is just a game so it is just for fun. If you are interested, here is the link for it.


  1. Stuffed mushrooms are great and yours look so delicious!

  2. That looks all sorts of stuffed veggies..your beef stuffing sounds wonderful

  3. Hi Mausi, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and nice to meet you. You have a very lovley blog. Love what you did to all the food! Especially that sushi cake...absolutley fabulous! Hope to hear from you more often.
    Have a nice day!
    Cheers, Kristy

  4. HI Kristy,
    Thank you for coming to visit my blog and leaving comments! And thank you for your compliment. I am happy to hear that you liked my blog also. I will be visiting your blog quite often!

  5. WOW Mausi..Thats looks just Perfect ..AWesome and inviting Clicks and easy to follow directions..I don't eat beef, but I guess I can try this with minced chicken..Also I'm a huge
    Mushroom lover TOO !!!

  6. hi Dolly,
    Thanks! Yes, you can definitely use pork for this. Initially, I wanted to make it with pork but I had ground beef in my freezer so I used beef. If you find a big mushroom like this, please try!