Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Container Garden 2010 started!

Every year, during spring season, I go to nursery and buy some plants for my front porch garden. The time has come this year also and I am excited to show you all my garden.

Mostly, I buy nursery plants which are already started to grow since it is much easier than starting from the seeds. I tried growing from the seeds but it is much more difficult, I think. This time, I bought mostly already growing plants and some seeds.

The weather was nice on Sat so it was great to feel the soil and re-plant all these vegetables and herbs. I carefully transfer those plants to my container and wait for them to grow.

This time, I had some mints. This is great when you cook middle eastern food or of course for Mojito!!

The one closer to you is Cayenne pepper and Jalapeno pepper. I love the way pepper plants look. I think they look adorable. I can use these when I cook Indian food.
The one behind them is Italian parsley. This is very useful for any kind of cooking.

Then, basil. This is also a must item since my husband and I love basil. We use them for tomato& mozzarella salad, pasta, or Thai curry. This must be a most used herb in my household. The best part is that basil is very easy to grow.

The one in front of the photo is tomato plants. We always buy tomato plants also since this is also pretty easy to grow. This time I bought a package of three different kind of tomatoes. Beefsteak tomatoes, grape tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.

From seeds, I will be growing Shiso (Japanese basil) and garlic chives. Those are good for some Japanese cooking. I grow shiso last year and it was a great success so I am hoping that I will be able to harvest a lot this year also. Garlic chives which I never tried growing before is very useful vegetable for making pot-sticker and so on. Normally, I would have to go to a Japanese super market in order to buy those vegetables so if I can grow them at home, this will be perfect!

My husband bought lavender and seeds of sunflower. I buy all the stuff that I can eat later and he buys flowers which smells good and look beautiful. We ran out of soil for the sunflower. We have to get more soil.

Every time I open the door, I see all those beautiful plants and this makes me feel happy. My husband loves them also and both of us were looking at the plants smirking. I am very happy to know what my husband and I have same value and we feel happiness about same things. We might be too simple to feel great happiness from those small things but I think it is great that we have hearts to find happiness in small things like this. It is important to recognize those small happiness in every day life.

Sometimes, we are too busy to see small miracles in life. I see small miracles in those plants. I highly recommend gardening for everybody. I hope your plants also makes you feel happy every day!


  1. I love going to nursery and buy plants too. But because of the hot weather here, it is quite difficult to grow herbs like rosemary or oregano. Love all the plants you have here.

  2. Looks wonderful Mausi. I have to start my veggie garden too!
    I love the spring weather. There's nothing better than watching all the plants and flowers bloom.
    Have wonderful & good luck with your garden!

  3. Hi Anncoo,
    I didn't know rosemary and oregano are difficult to grow in hot weather :-)
    It is so much fun to go to nursery and get all the vegetable plants! I am looking forward to eating them!

  4. Hi Catherine,
    Thanks! Yes, I agree. It just makes me so happy to see all my plants grow every day. The best part is you can enjoy the taste at the end also!

  5. Wow it looks so beautiful, it's great to have fresh herbs

  6. Oh, I love gardening! I planted lots of orchid which is more durable under the hot sun. I love herbs too but not quite suitable over here due to the weather. I wish I could plant some herbs in future.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Regards, Kristy

  7. Ofcourse , it is really looking very beautiful for herbal.