Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meeting family & friends in Munich and of course, Eating more!

I also went to Munich which is my husband's hometown to see family and friends. Of course, I ate a lot here in Munich also!!

First, my mother-in-law cooked White Asparagus for us. I believe this is special spring dish for Germans. It was still very beginning of spring so these white asparagus was one of the first ones which came out at the vegetable store. My mother-in-law tried them before to make sure it is really good ones. So those were the excellent asparagus!

This is cooking the peeled asparagus.

Then, she served them with butter sauce. She also made Schnitzel and potatoes for us! She knows we love schnitzel :-) They were really good! I have never really pay much attention to white asparagus before but I would love to try cooking this wonderful vegetable from now on.

We also went some really good restaurants with family. One of them was an Italian restaurant. The waiters were talking each other in Italian and I felt like I was in Italy.

Mu husband and I had eggplant and prawn appetizer. I love both eggplant and prawn so this is perfect appetizer for me!

For main course, I had pasta with prawns and tomatoes. (Prawn again!) This was awesome. The pasta was perfectly cooked and tomato and prawn were fresh and tasty.

My husband was having Truffle with fresh pasta. This smelled so good. I had to taste them. Mmmmm, Yummy. Look at the amount of truffle. They are very generous.

I know that Truffles are quite expensive. My husband and I were just wondering if you can cultivate Truffles. I have seen people walking around the mountain with their Truffle pig or dog to find Truffle but we just wonder if it is possible to cultivate them.

Anyhow, we had lunch at a nice cafe in downtown. This was a goat cheese and herb risotto which my husband was eating. I am not crazy about goat cheese so this amount of goat cheese will be too much for me but it was perfect to get a few bite from his dish. And it looks beautiful.

At this cafe, I saw many people drinking this pink stuff. First, I thought it must be pink grapefruit or pink lemonade but my husband asked the waiter and found out that it was rhubarb juice. I have never tried rhubarb juice. I had to try. I forgot to take a picture of it but it was quite good. Tangy and refreshing.

Also, we met many of our friends at a restaurant for dinner. We were so happy that many people were able to come join us. We had a great time. I ate schnitzel again here. Their schnitzel was pork instead of veal. I think I like veal schnitzel better. But their french fries were awesome! This is such a huge schnitzel, it must be for two people.

During the dinner, one of the friends told us that they are planning to go to a midnight movie sneak preview. My husband told me many times that he used to go to these midnight sneak preview and he loves this movie theater. He wanted to go so I decided to go with him to see my husband's favorite movie theater. They told me that most of the movie they show there are English movies so I can understand.

This was a quite interesting experience. This is called sneak preview and you don't know what movie they are showing until it actually starts. It seems like before they show those movies to the general public, they do this sneak preview and see people's reaction to the movie and then decide if they are going to show them to the general public or not. At the end of the show, you put your ticket stub in one of the three cups which says "good" "so-so" or "bad".

It is quite exciting to sit in a movie theater without knowing what movie I am going to watch. The movie was...... not so great in my opinion. It was OK. It was a movie I have never heard of before. I think it was called "A Single Man". (I am not even sure about it) The actors were good and the movie wasn't bad but it was not great in my opinion. So I put my ticket stub in the middle cup.

However, I really liked this experience. My husband was also happy to take me to this movie theater which he has many good memories.

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